the all new license plate recognition camera that can detect the vehicle’s license plate regard less night or day, it also can recognize the letters on the plate so you can search it later.

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Different than other license plate recognition camera system.

Our license plate recognition camera is specially designed to catch vehicle license regardless light condition. the security camera sensor is designed to read only the reflection of the plate. it also recognizes the letters from the image so you can search them later. Please read through to see how this small business security camera system could help your business.

clear license plate camera image at all time under all wether.

The license plate recognition camera comes with a special image sensor that can read reflection from the license plate, that make the camera are not affected by the weather or light condition, it can catch the license plate number at all time. Above is our real life demo of our license plate recognition camera installed in a parking lot in Toronto, hundred feet away from the entrance. please watch the video to see how it works.

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