Capture license plates And Receive Alerts

With SEQ’s license plate capture and alert technology, you can see license plates day or night, not only giving police actionable information but also alerting you and your managers when those plates enter your property. SEQ security, preventiong theft before it happens.

Get unparalleled image detail with our HD cctv camera system.

mouse-over the image to try the digital zoom.

mouse-over the image to try the digital zoom

See your security cameras from anywhere.

With our gas station CCTV camera system, you can log into every one of your store remotely over internet,watching live view and recorded video using your smart phone or tablet device. digitally zoom into enhanced images for store auditing, save your time and money.


TSSA approved CCTV camera system provider.

With the goal of putting public safety first, our gas bar CCTV system has complied with TSSA (Technical Standard & Safety Association). In the event of a CCTV camera failure, our system will automatically shut off the fuel pump that’s associated with that security camera further protect your assets. We are a Toronto TSSA qualified contractor.

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Ultra-wide field of view cameras covers more with less.

Our HD cctv camera system comes with ultra wide angle lens, gives you unto 120 degree horizontal viewing angle on regular security camera, 180 – 360 degree view angle on fish eye lens. combined with our megapixel image sensors, you can zoom in to any point of the security camera footage for details.


Gather Business Intelligence Data From  Your CCTV system

Your CCTV cameras are looking at your business all the time, but most people just using it as a traditional loss prevention tool. Now with our all new retail store CCTV systems, you can mine valuable marketing and merchandising information from your surveillance camera footage. It can tell you how many people have visited your store, what their demographics are, how people move inside your store, what product did they touch, and which display attracted them the most!

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Integrate Your Point Of Sale Systems With your Cameras

Our gas bar CCTV systems can be fully integrated with your POS system. This allows you to bring out CCTV camera footage by transaction number, employee ID, type of transactions, returns, refund and any keywords that were on the original receipt. You can even receive alerts when there are abnormal transactions. Same time and be on top of everything.

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