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You can search video by specifics.

3 steps to get your security camera installed .

1Call us for free consultation. (905)-752-9999

2 We demo the camera on site. Guide your selection.

3Install cameras in few days, then support you the rest life.


Vandalism resistant security cameras. Vandal-proof installation.

When we design a security camera system for condominiums and apartment buildings, we always pick the most tough cameras, and we install the camera is a way which can’t be tampered. On top of all that, our experienced commercial security camera installer will install then like was installed when the building was built. combined with our megapixel image sensors, and wide angle security camera lens, you can zoom in to any point of the recorded video for details.


View your security cameras through internet

After camera installation, we will help you to setup your mobile devices with the free mobile view app. You can monitor your CCTV cameras remotely over internet, using your smart phone or tablet device. instantly View live and recorded video on the go.

Free upgrade to the latest surveillance systems once in every 5 years!

Let’s start from a free consultation. Call (905) 752 9999

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